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This is the first apparatus that targets the lower stomach, stubborn areas, also fits in most purses and backpacks! From flab to Abs. Great for home, office, and gyms especially on vacation!
The Abster®

The Abster®

The Abster® - THE ABSTER® is available now in three colors: black, yellow or grey for only $49.95.

World Renowned Fitness Expert, Body Building Champion and Personal Trainer Geno Sylvain is proud to introduce his newest F-AB-Tastic product, THE ABSTER®. With over a dozen exercises and three training levels, THE ABSTER®is the only product on the market able to give you that 8-pack ABS, remove the dreaded Pouch and give you a full-body workout at home, the office or at the gym. Weighing only 3 lbs and easily transportable, turn any door into a gym and travel lightly with the perfectly portable ABSTER®. Whether you are young or old, male or female, THE ABSTER® is the right way to maintain your core physique without an expensive gym membership or a costly home abdominal product.

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